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SYU "Vorvados" (2019)

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I have chosen Syu's new epic opus, "Vorvados" to be the first album to be featured on the DENIM & LEATHER's new series "ジャパメタ Japan Heavy Metal", mainly for its masterpiece quality, but also for being a great representation of the current Japanese metal scene. My intent is to make "ジャパメタ Japan Heavy Metal" a regular feature of the eZine. Watch this space.

Artist/band: SYU

Title: Vorvados

Label: Warner Music Japan (WPCL-12983)

Release date: January 23, 2019

Musical prodigy and mastermind behind the legendary band GALNERYUS, SYU delivered his new solo album, Vorvados" on January 23rd 2019, via Warner Music Japan. Covering a vast array of intertwined styles, from heavy metal to power metal, and from neoclassical to speed metal, this opus screams epic music! SYU, a genuine guitar genius, is responsible for performing all instruments (guitar, bass & keyboards), background vocals and is also responsible for the drums programming. The album's lineup include: Akane Liv, Dougen, Haruka (Tears of Tragedy), 小野正利 (Masatoshi "Sho" Ono - Galneryus), Fuki (Unlucky Morpheus, Light Bringer), 団長 (Dancho - NoGod), 苑 (Sono - Matenrou Opera) and Yuhki Nakajima (Galneryus), among others. As a side note: Syu's style of playing has been linked to that of Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as other neo-classical guitarists. Syu himself lists some of his influences as: Kyoji Yamamoto, John Petrucci, Ulrich Roth, Gary Moore, Paul Gilbert and Michael Schenker. He has also stated that the late Hide (Matsumoto Hideto, 松本 秀人) and X Japan influenced him greatly. Play often and loud! Highly recommended.


1. Vorvados (instrumental)

2. Reason

3. ここで区切れと天使は歌う

4. 暁

5. Euphoria

6. Chaotic Reality

7. Cacotopia

8. AndroiDedication

9. 哀傷

10. 未完成の翼

11. Blessing (instrumental)

© 2019 by Emil Chiru

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