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Thrash Metal Edition

Here we are ... completing the Straight Outta Catacombs most current trifecta, here we have the Thrash Metal Edition. Well represented by underground bands from across the globe, thrash metal is once again ready to conquer the world, in this (2nd) edition exclusively dedicated to the genre. (The 1st thrash metal edition - here.) Except for a couple of reissues, the rest of the material is very recent. Are we gonna experience a thrash metal surge, in 2019? Strong possibility. In the meantime, please enjoy the fifteen releases on display here, and don't forget to support the bands! I'll meet you in the circle pit!


The Pact


Lansing, Michigan, USA

Emerging from the Lansing scene in late 2011, Tyrant was formed by brothers Philip (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Winters (drums) while just beginning high-school. The band released two EPs: "Purge" (2014) and "Black Hand" (2016), and performed alongside of Battlecross, Deicide, Metal Church and Havok to name a few. After picking up Tony Garza on lead guitar and Cory McLain taking over bass, the new line-up toured the East Coast and Mid-West hitting major cities like NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia and others. The lineup released their full-length debut album "The Pact" on November 23rd 2018. Varied tempo with freestyle like vocals.


Buried Memories


Matane, Québec, Canada

Founded in the 1990's, Brazen played on the metal scene of Bas St-Laurent and Gaspésie until 2004. Sharing the stage with bands from the region such as Nut for Sale, Freethinker, Hardcore 101, Gorelust, Darkfate, Insanity, Mental Disorder, Brazen left a legacy to the Matane scene with their demo, "Nightmare" (1997). More than a decade has passed since the last moments of Brazen, now the group is resurfacing with new material, more aggressive and sharper than in the past. The wait is over!


The Weight of the Crown


Ceará, Brazil

The band started in 2015 as a cover project called Biotech. At that time, the band was formed by Felipe Fernandes on vocals, Elias Firmino and Victor Catrib on guitars, Léo Brandão on bass and Ítalo Sampaio on drums. Shortly after, with the departure of Victor Catrib, Léo Brandão took over the guitars, passing the bass to Eduardo Melo. The second lineup sought a modern sound, with influences from classic bands and new styles, resulting in the band's first EP, "The Weight of the Crown," in 2019.


Hill of Crosses

2/4/2019 (originally 12/24/2014)


Formed in September 1997 by Giorgos Kyriazis, initially as a one-man band. Becoming a trio in 2014, the band released their debut "Hill of Crosses" (2014) and the sophomore effort "Filthy Blasphemy" (2017). Reissue of the band's debut album is finally out on CD. Featuring a bonus track from the album's recording sessions and their "Fuck the Church" demo, for the first time on CD, as well. Cited influences: Sodom, Venom, Gehennah, Bulldozer, Razor, Tormentor, Possessed, Kreator, (early) Slayer, Inferno, Savage Death, Flames.




Innsbruck, Austria

Insanity Alert is a thrash band from Innsbruck, Austria. Started in 2011, influenced by the likes of SOD, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Nuclear Assault. Band's mission: thrash hard, smoke weed, drink beer, watch football (soccer) and skate once in awhile. "666-Pack" is the band's third full-length studio album. Run to the pit - mosh for your life! Crossover Party Thrash.




Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Black Mass is a three-piece thrash metal band formed in early 2012. A power trio with a focus for the true sound of thrash, the band derives influences from 80's thrash (Slayer, Razor), old-school death metal (Death, Morbid Angel), Scandinavian black metal (Darkthrone, Aura Noir), and overcharged rock'n'roll (Motörhead, Inepsy). Sophomore full length, "Warlust", released on February 15th 2019 via Iron Shield Records (CD) & Timeworn Records (MC,) is according to the band: " All analog, no bullshit!"


Pleasure Awaits


Reykjavík, Iceland

Exile is a four piece, old-school thrash metal band form in 2016 hailing out of Reykjavik, Iceland, with the pure purpose to have loads of fun and rock it out! "Pleasure Awaits" is the band's independently released, full-length debut effort.




Walsrode, Lower Saxony, Germany

Sophomore release by the German thrashers formed in 2014. Part North American, part Teutonic thrash metal, the band keeps it old-school. Well recorded, great riffs and catchy choruses. FFO: Exodus, Testament, Kreator & Tankard.


Concrete Jungle


Noertzange, Luxembourg

Debut full-length album by Fusion Bomb, formed in 2010. Another great example of super fast old-school thrash metal. Exemplary guitar work and mad drumming! Very promising. Cited influences: Evildead, Excel, DRI, Bestial Invasion, Demolition Hammer, Exodus.


Iron Rule


Massachusetts/Rhode Island, USA

Great independently released debut effort by the East Coast thrashers, Judgement! Crushing, take-no-prisoners hardcore thrash crossover. Brutal guitar riffs, awesome bass. The band released their debut demo in 2018. Intense social, political and environmental themed lyrics. Well recorded and produced.


Basado En Hechos Reales


Ceuta, Spain

Brutal sophomore effort by the Spanish band formed in 2009 by members of old bands from the city of Ceuta, beginning its career as a cover band, until, in 2011, and after some changes in the line up, the band decided to start compose their own songs, reaching the style that defines them. Inferno shared the stage with bands like Crisix, Trallery, Avulsed, Gama Bomb, Alkoholizer. Influenced by: Beer Mosh, Infektor, Trauma, Nopresion, Overkill, Anthrax, Testament, Onslaught. Intoned in the band's native Spanish. Total headbanger.


Hangmen of Roazhon EP

10/3/2018 (originally 2/10/2014)

Rennes, France

Reissued on vinyl, "Hangmen of Roazhon" is French thrashers Hexecutor's 2014 debut EP. Absolutely mayhemic thrash metal. Don't miss out on this limited run reissue. Hexecutor's first opus, "Poison, Lust and Damnation" (2016) is a must as well. The band is currently working on their sophomore full-length album.


Unleash The Beast EP


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Fantastic second EP from the female fronted powerhouse band established in Hamilton in 2014! With a unique and diverse sound we are a band that possesses qualities for all audiences. Loaded with catchy riffs, blazing solos and vocals ranging from vicious growls to cleans that will send a chill down your spine. Dominating the stage with an enormous presence, this is a band that will leave you wanting more. From thrash to melodic death metal, this band delivers! Cited influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, Dissection, Arch Enemy, Black Label Society, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath.


Unearthly EP


Edinburgh, UK

Debut EP by Ifreann, an old school thrash metal band based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with influences from Exodus, Overkill & Testament. Ifreann are currently planning to take the world by storm in 2019, with plans for a Scottish headline tour, a co-headline English tour, filming a music video & recording their 2nd EP. Leading the charge in the Scottish underground metal scene...


The River Won't Stop EP


Canary Islands, Spain

Dregspitters is a hardcore thrash metal crossover band from the Canary Islands formed in 2017 with members of local scene. "The River Won't Stop" is the band's independently released debut EP. Effective songwriting, well recorded and produced.

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