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As I was gathering information on all releases scouted on Bandcamp in the last two to three months, I've realized that the number of albums, or EPs, rightfully available for recommendations, was far greater than in the recent past. There were so many quality underground releases, across the genres, that a singular article, representing only ten titles wasn't gonna cut it! Not only there was enough quality for a standard edition of Straight Outta Catacombs (here - expended to fifteen titles), but I was easily also able to put together the very first edition strictly dedicated to HARD'n'HEAVY, and a second Thrash Metal edition, soon to be published (watch this space). With most hard rock & heavy metal, and thrash metal being reco'd separately, I was left with a mixed bag of death, doom, folk and power metal releases, all to be found in this edition of Straight Outta Catacombs. Most efforts herein were released in the last couple of months, one exception being FIRTAN's "Niedergang", originally released in 2014, however reissued very recently. Furthermore, I've decided to include THE WIZARDS' stellar effort "Rise Of The Serpent" here, and not with the HARD'n'HEAVY edition, for a better exposure. Enjoy the music!

Please note: in certain cases albums are reissues, therefore, the Bandcamp release date is being used. Thank you.


Creation of Insanity (Special Edition)


Ciudad de México, México

Death metal band formed by four Mexican women. Introtyl has 8 years experience on stage playing their own music, performed in the most recognized stages all over Mexico, but also plying shows in many cities on tour through Mexico, US and Canada, as headliners. This band had shared stage with metal bands such as Gorguts, Nervosa, Pathology, Unleash the Archers, Malignancy, Transmetal, Phyrexia, Despised Icon, Jungle Rot, Cattle Decapitation, Beyond Creation, Obey the Brave, among others. Influences include: Bolt thrower, Suffocation, Behemoth, Severe Torture, Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath & Decapitated.


Facing Chaos


Rosario, Argentina

Fifth studio album from the Argentinian power metal band, Lord Divine, formed in 2003. Fronted by Diego Valdez (Dream Child, Assignment, Electronomicon, Iron Mask, and most currently replacing Ronnie Romero in Lords of Black), the band plays a well balanced blend of power metal heavily influenced by symphonic and progressive traits, in the vein of bands like Symphony X, Masterplan, Dream Theater, Angra.


Living Tomb


Portland, Oregon, USA

Debut album by Portland death metallers, Ossuarium, formed in 2016. In crafting its debut album Ossuarium creates a funereal rite of irrevocable passage to the other side. It does so with the grandiose power and putrid elegance of the best in the death/doom genre. The “Living Tomb” has opened to wrathful consequence and will never again rest in peace.


Hounds of Perdition


Keuruu, Finland

Wolfhorde is a metal trio from Finland that produces music loaded with acoustic and traditional elements and mixes them together in a way that creates strong atmospheres. Lyrics ranging from the times of iron ages to present world create the themes inspired by mythology, history, nature & shamanism. Epic blackened folk/melodic death metal.




New York, New York, USA

Shades Before dawn is an instrumental, one-man metal project, brainchild of NYC guitarist Flavio Vidigal. In Flavio's own words: "I'm a guitar player who loves heavy music of all kinds. I write, record and produce all by myself. Shades Before Dawn is a modern progressive metal project that taps into all of my musical influences."


Flesh For Funerals Eternal


Skellefteå, Sweden

Swedish death metal veterans Feral unleash their fiercest album to date. "Flesh For Funerals Eternal" sets new standards for the style entirely, taking forward the existing template and expanding upon in every way possible. As the band outlines: "Feral are at the forefront of the Swedish death metal scene right now and are armed to teeth to drop what could be the best album this style needs." The production keeps it delectable and the gnarly artwork only brings to life their twisted yet meticulous music.


In The Land Of Vandor


Gothenburg, Sweden

Swedish power metal, heavily influenced by 90s power metal bands, classic rock, pop and progressive rock. "In The Land Of Vandor", the band's debut studio album, is, as aptly suggested, a journey into the band's music. Well done composition wise, and with solid production values. These dudes can really play!


Gun To Mouth Salvation


Västerås, Sweden

Solid comeback effort by the Swedish thrash/melodic death metal outfit Carnal Forge, formed in 1997. "Gun To Mouth Salvation" is the band's seventh studio album, an was released twelve years after their previous effort, "Testify For My Victims" (2007). As the band suggests: "The most hard hitting Swedish thrash metal band you will ever find. Hits you in the face like a lemon-wrapped sledgehammer with their precise and brutal but yet melodic tunes. Thrash metal supremacy."



1/30/2019 reissue (originally 2014)

Lörrach, Germany

Firtan are one of Germany's uprising extreme metal acts, delivering their very own mixture of styles to fans all over Europe since 2010. Their sound originates from black metal involving atmospheric and progressive elements alongside intense vocal performances, philosophic rooted lyrics, and accentuated orchestrations. The band is known for their intensive live shows which built them a fast growing international fanbase. Cited influences: Thyrfing, Emperor, Windir, Covenant, Arcturus, Dornenreich, Agalloch, Moonsorrow, Enslaved, Opeth, Johann Sebastian Bach. Their latest opus, "Okeanos", was released on July 13, 2018.



(The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)


Rimini, Italy

Ancient Bards have taken a variety of influences from symphonic metal’s rich heritage and forged their own unique blend of magnificent orchestral symphonies, crushing guitar riffs and the breathtaking female vocals. The band have taken a step forward with their epic influences, strengthened the orchestral parts and combined it with racing guitars to a distinctive mixture. The band's first three albums covered the first part of the saga, with "Origine", their fourth album overall, being the first album of saga's part 2.


Rise Of The Serpent


Bilbao, Spain

Absolutely epic third album by the Basque Country hard rockers, The Wizards, formed in 2013! Deeply rooted into the 1970s hard rock and proto-metal, with slight doom and stoner influences. Miles of (galloping) riffs. An work of art as far as songwriting, musicianship and production! Buy this now! Thank me later.




Buenos Aires, Argentina

Second full-length album by Argentinian metallers Pronoia, follow up to their 2008 effort, "Siniestresia". An instrumental album, "Mimesis" is a fine example of progressiveness/technical extreme metal. Well recorded and produced effort.


And In The Abyss They Sleep


Tromsø, Norway

Fantastic second album by the Norwegian outfit Vederkast! Modern progressive hard rock with a stoner tinge. Very engaging with its song structures, layers of sonic textures, surprising solos and quality musicianship. Also, very well produced.




Chelyabinsk, Russia

Second full-length effort by the Russian melodic death metallers Slay My Sanity. The band formed back in 2009 in Chelyabinsk. It took them another couple of years to complete the formation of the line-up. The ensemble was forced to go through lengthy breaks due to two members serving in the army. With everybody back in business and scores of gigs played, Slay My Sanity got down to recording a debut album which they finally released in 2015. Cited influences: Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, The Duskfall, Gates of Ishtar, Sentenced, Children Of Bodom.


The Battle For Greatness



Runic heavy metal, taking you on an epic sword & sorcery adventure to Valhalla and beyond. "The Battle For Greatness" is the second installment for talented multi-instrumentalist Ced Forsberg's project, Runelord. For fans of Manowar, Cirth Ungol, Lords of the Crimson Alliance, Exorcist, Virgin Steele, and epic metal in general.

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