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SALEMS LOTT Live at the Whisky

Whisky a Go Go

Last Thursday, March 28th 2019, SALEMS LOTT headlined an eclectic night of music at the world famous, Whisky a Go Go, on the Sunset Strip, in Hollywood. All went without a glitch, including the quick, on-a-dime setups & soundchecks, between the live sets of the six (!) musical acts scheduled to perform that night. Hats off to the house pros that made it possible. The following five bands took the stage in the just over three hours that preceded SALEMS LOTT set, at the end of night:

Alternative rock trio FOLLOW THE VOID

Bringing the funk BISCUITS & GRAVY

Sleaze hard rockers KATEY ASHLY

El Paso heavy metallers CRASH

Pasadena thrashers EVILIZATION


After a brief stage setup: equipment, stage props et al, the night's culmination act, Hollywood's own crowned metal royalty, SALEMS LOTT blasted into their set!

SALEMS LOTT formed in Hollywood, late 2013. From the get-go, the band combined an wild image, part visual kei, part 1980's glam, with an utterly original mix of heavy/speed metal, resulting in what can be better described as American Shock Metal.

The band amiably parted ways with their drummer of four years, Tony F. Corpse, at the beginning of 2019. Since no permanent replacement was formally announced yet, a friend of the band performed with them on the Thursday night's set.

The night's setlist consisted of fans' favorites, such as: Thin Ice, Royal Desperado, When Heaven Comes Down, No Choice To Love, Shattered To Pieces and Enigma, among others.

A great band, making all the efforts to entertain its fans, SALEMS LOTT is equally superb live as it is on their records. A band that deserves proper recognition for its talent!

At the end of the show, Kay handed out to fans a "Blood Pact" badge, specially issued to commemorate the event, while Monroe mingled with the audience.


MONROE BLACK - lead vocals/guitar

JETT BLACK - guitar/vocals

KAY KAOS - bass/vocals

SALEMS LOTT Discography:

No Choice To Love (single, 2014)

Salems Lott (EP, 2015)

Mask Of Morality (EP, 2017)

Mask Of Morality (LP, 2018)

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