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REVEL IN FLESH "The Hour Of The Avenger"

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Title: The Hour Of The Avenger

Label: War Anthem Records

Country: Germany

Release date: December 6, 2019

Format reviewed: (high-rate) mp3 promo

This IS death metal!

For the last eight years, the southwestern German Deathkult metallers REVEL IN FLASH had launched awesome albums (four full-lengths, to be precise) and a load of (equally great) splits, received by the underground metal masses and critics with high accolades, building a true kult grassroots following in the process. Constantly on an up-and-up trajectory, the band is ready to unleash the massive sounding, dark, direct, fucking murderous fifth studio album, "The Hour Of The Avenger", available worldwide on December 6th 2019. The forthcoming album reaches not just another (higher) level for REVEL IN FLESH, it also elevates the norms for the current wave of death metal!

Evolved and refined stylistically, "The Hour Of The Avenger" picks up where the band's previous album, "Emissary Off All Plagues" (2016) ended. REVEL IN FLESH remaining committed to their European death metal roots. Their Swedish death metal influences are properly dialed-in, and the album is slightly melodic, when it needs to be. Controlled fucking mayhem! Insanely massive guitar sound, over the immensely charged rhythm section, forming a vicious ground for the blood-curdling vocals.

This album begs to be played LOUD! After listening (initially) to the promo via headphones, I've decided to burn the tracks to a CD and played it on my reference sound system. What a difference in perception that made! The musical/lyrical sheer brutality of "The Hour Of The Avenger" needs ample amounts of power to fully emerge. The breathtaking sound will drown the unwary listener into a deep sea of thickening blood. Be aware! This is one of the heaviest (sound) production that I've ever heard! In full compliment to the abrasively arranged compositions. Responsible for the sound production (mixing/mastering) is the band's longtime companion, the über-talented, Dan Swanö. The album's artwork was once again trusted to the talented Juanjo Castellano.

Delivering perhaps the best (pure form) death metal album of 2019, Deathkult masters REVEL IN FLESH cemented their name at the top of the death metal food chain! Not only fans of bands like Dismember, Entombed or Bloodbath, will appreciate "The Hour Of The Avenger", but it may also appeal to fans of Memoriam and Wolfheart. This album bites your fucking head off and spits it the fuck out! Fucking vicious! Totally recommended. 9.5/10

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