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MMX-MMXIX Decade Of Malevolence

With literally days left, the current decade (2010-2019) will eclipse to the new dawn of this millennium's third decade. On December 31st 2019, we leave behind ten tumultuous years befouled by global financial crisis and international recession, austerity and socioeconomic crisis, endless wars and conflicts, coups, assassinations, gun violence, terrorist attacks, epidemics, tensions, polarization and unrest, rampant greed and immense inequality, and above all, stringent, existential crisis directly related to global warming and climate change. A decade of malevolence. Mainstream music got worse (if that's even possible), where (what seems to be a handful of) individuals raking in mountains of cash with their shitty computer generated loops, auto-tuned vocals and imbecile lyrics, are (still) reigning over the airwaves and streaming. Ignorance and superficiality are two words that perfectly describe the decade's "mainstream music fan". On the plus side, vinyl records made a strong comeback, and hopefully will continue to ascend. Also, as a positive trend, the underground rock and metal has been thriving enormously in the last few years, and the current trajectory seems to be strongly exponential. A rather daring task: the following ten titles are my personal top 10 favorites from the past ten years. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll!




Released on May 14th 2014

Debut album by the German black metal band, was independently released. The album was completely remastered for vinyl with more dynamics and totally new artwork (pictured), and re-released by German label AOP in the early 2019.

Album's Spotify link.


When Colors Fade Away


Released on September 15th 2017

Sophomore effort by psychedelic/doom outfit Blackfinger lead by legendary Eric Wagner (Trouble, The Skull) on vocals and featuring Terry Weston (Dream Death, Penance) on guitar. A must listen for fans of all the above referenced bands!

Album's Spotify link.


Poison, Lust and Damnation


Released on November 2nd 2016

Absolute spellbinding debut full-length release by the thrashers from Rennes, France. Huge 1980s vibe (also, sound production), raw, evil and executed at breakneck speed! High mark for the European thrash metal scene.

Album's Spotify link.


The Parallax II: Future Sequence


Released on October 9th 2012

The sixth full-length studio album by the progressive/post-metal/avant-garde band. The album's concept is the continuation of the band's 2011 EP; mature, dynamic, and with various metal influences from 1970s progressive rock, to jazz and fusion.

Album's Spotify link.


Vanitas Vanitatvm


Released on September 28th 2018

5th full-length opus from the German (pagan) black metallers. A dark, ravishing journey … Yet, as the cover art properly suggests, in it’s beautiful simplicity – there is an end to everything … (D&L's full review here)

Album's Spotify link.




Released on March 18th 2016

Superb self-titled 5th album by the Greek powerhouse InnerWish! Impressive followup to their 2010 "No Turning Back". Melodic power/heavy metal with miles of chunky guitar riffs and catchy choruses. Easily accessible to cross-genre fans.

Album's Spotify link.


Triumph and Power


Released on January 31st 2014

The seventh full-length album by Swedish heavy metal trio. Vocalist/guitarist JB Christofferson described the album as "really powerful, majestic and less 'hard rocky' than previous album (The Hunt, 2012); (..) really the essence of this band".

Album's Spotify link.


Codex Epicus


Released on June 15th 2018

Fifth full-length studio opus from the epic heavy/power metallers. With each release setting a new milestone in the band's history: from the distant shores to the crest of Heavens – the battleroar is heard! Loud and clear. (D&L's full review here)

Album's Spotify link.



A Black Sea


Released on November 12th 2013

Outstanding collaboration album between two St. Louis, MO artists, showcasing the intense progressive/blackened sludge art of The Lion's Daughter and the folk sensibility of Indian Blanket.

Album's Spotify link.

Album of the 2010-2019 decade:




Released on October 11th 2013

Tuomas Saukkonen recorded “Winterborn” as a one-man project under the moniker WOLFHEART, releasing it in October 2013. As Tuomas personally related to us, during an exclusive interview: “(..) Wolfheart was never meant to be just a solo project but wanted to focus completely alone on the music with the debut.” (full interview here) The very talented musician performs all instruments, including physical drums, and sang on all tracks this release, while guitarist Mika Lammassaari laid out some mighty great solos, a perfect match to the rhythm tracks layered underneath. (D&L's full review here)

Shortly after the album’s release, in 2014, Tuomas asked Mika, bassist Lauri Silvonen and drummer Joonas Kauppinen, to join the band. This unchanged lineup recorded three additional highly acclaimed full-length albums, over the span of this decade: Shadow World (2015), Tyhjyys (2017) and Constellation of the Black Light (2018)(D&L's review here).

Album's Spotify link.

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