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GATES TO THE MORNING to finally unleash their epic debut album "Return To Earth", on July 19th 2019

On July 19th 2019, GATES TO THE MORNING will finally unleash their long in development, full-length debut album, Return To Earth!

About Gates To The Morning:

Gates To The Morning are a New Jersey post black metal band driven by the singular vision of Sean Meyers. Having started as a bedroom black metal project whilst still attending Montclair State University for Jazz Performance, Meyers started to collect material in 2016 for what would become the bands debut, Return To Earth. Pulling from a myriad set of influences, ranging from Opeth to Art Blakey by way of Tool, Gates To The Morning have rapidly refined a sound that is wholly their own and speaks to a dark unreality. Full of bombastic imagery and transcendent choruses, Gates To The Morning is finally taking form.

With his jazz background balanced with a long history in the infamous New Jersey DIY scene, Meyers hoped to create something powerful and thoughtful with Return To Earth. Fully invested in his work, he found himself recording drums at Backroom Studios with Kevin Antreassian of The Dillinger Escape Plan and then collaborating with friends to finish the studio process both at Backroom Studios and in various home setups. It was during this process that he chose to embrace the ethereal vocals of Meg Moyer for the project in addition to his own, further growing the bands sonic palette. The end result, and consequent live band, features performances from a variety of players, ranging from childhood friends to fellow jazz musicians.

Return To Earth is a concept album with lyrics orbiting around the twin concepts of challenge and triumphs, the pitfalls and mountaintops found on a journey of awakening and enlightenment. This opening ululation is powerful and deeply emotional, hinting at much more to come from these Garden State musicians. After years of deliberation and struggle their unique sound has finally come together. Gates To The Morning are plotting their first live shows around the release of Return To Earth and are steeling themselves for the stage.

Three tracks from the forthcoming full-length were released last year, on August 1st 2018, as the "Return To Earth" EP.

Album's Tracklisting:

01 King Obscure           02 Terra Incognita       03 Surveying Forgotten Landscapes           04 My Star           05 Crossing The Abyss           06 Freezing the Sundials       07 Chapel Perilous           08 Crestfallen       09 Haunting The Third Chamber           10 Chasing Shadows 11 Two Winters       12 Steadfast       13 Rekindled           14 Return to Earth    




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