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Denim & Leather is a personal opinion eZine dedicated to the ever evolving world of Rock and Metal.  Underground or mainstream, established or debutant, tamed or extreme - all have a place among these virtual pages. A simple format eZine with a broader scope rooted and developed in the Rock and Metal online global community. An eZine for ALL Rock and Metal enthusiasts across our planet.

My nine month stint with Blessed Altar Zine (to it's founder and members I remain forever grateful for the opportunity), determined my decision to compile all the previously published material, in addition to putting a couple of new things together, and continue the music journalistic journey, into this new year, 2019, and hopefully beyond, as time permits. So, here we are: a simple, easy to navigate platform, further improving it as we go. Hopefully a custom domain, not too far in the future, would also be nice ...

As of right now the articles will be organized in the following categories (tabs): reviews, interviews, features and in rotation (most played records - monthly), with an additional tab, playlistz, where you, as the name dictates, will find periodically publish playlists. For the "launch edition", I've put together two new Straight Outta Catacombs articles, one exclusively dedicated to thrash metal, and a more "standard" one, the December 2018 In Rotation list, and some playlists. New articles will be added periodically. Suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank you for taking the time to read thru the eZine - please don't forget to bookmark, and stop by often. Also, many thanks to the online rock and metal community for the support and encouragement. #UMF

Keep on rockin' in the free world!


© 2019 by Emil Chiru

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